Automated Reviews

For business owners, understanding the importance of reviews is key.

Why is important?

Better rankings in Google
Business with numerous and great reviews, are always at the top of the map results

Boosting Sales and Conversions
Positive reviews from satisfied customers can be a significant factor for those selling products or services. They play a crucial role in persuading potential customers about the quality and suitability of your offerings.

Enhancing SEO
Reviews help ranking in Google maps. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for online business success. You can embed these reviews on your website using our platform

Establishing Trust with Site Visitors
Trust is paramount for website visitors. A website marred by numerous negative reviews can tarnish your reputation, potentially deterring future bookings from new customers.

Improving Customer Experience
The absence of reviews or ratings can hinder potential buyers in their decision-making process, often making it challenging for them to find what they’re looking for. This lack of information might also prevent them from getting the best value when shopping online.

How it Works?

First, we start with the customer list. you can import these with a spreadsheet with Name, Phone, and email or you can link your Limo anywhere to our software using Zapier. If you have a different booking software, ask your provider if they have a webhook or an API, we will help you to connect your software to CRM.Limo to automate the process 100%